Sunday, 8 November 2009

USA Times Zones

One of the things I will have to think about on the tour is the different time zones across the USA. On the main (contiguous) States, there are 4 times zones which are (from west to east) Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. These range between 8 and 5 hours behind the UK. The map below shows approximately what time zones are where. Don’t get caught out by the boundaries – they don’t necessarily follow the State boundaries as you might expect!

The USA changes its clocks for summertime normally at the same time as the UK, but sometimes not.


Anonymous said...

Also don't forget that the time zone can be different in the Native American reservation lands, I've been caught out by that before, it isn't easy to know at times when you are in one of these areas.

Gary France said...

Thanks - that is useful information. I didn't even know that the Native American Lands could have different time zones! I will watch out for it.