Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Time is running out.

A little while ago, I reminded my readers that they could get a free copy of my soon-to-be-published book called France-In-America.  All you needed to have done to qualify for a free copy was to have been one of those people that commented on my blog while I was on my road trip across the USA.

I have had many people sending me their postal address (to so I can send the book, but I am yet to hear from some of the people who commented the most.

So, time is running out.  Some of my readers really encouraged me to keep posting about my trip due to the many comments they were making.  One person made just one comment on my blog and I am happy to send that person a free book, but I am not happy that I am yet to hear from some of the people that really deserve one.  It is you that I want to say thank you to, so if you'd like a copy, send me your address!

I need it by 14th January.

I won't be asking again.....


Rex J. Covington said...

Look forward to reading your book!

biker baby said...

Looking forward to the book. You have my address now. Thanks!

Rosemary Crawford said...

Hey Gary, I am probably one of those who hasn't responded with a snail mail address. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with you across our great country. We are hard to reach by snail mail as the PO doesn't understand multiple addresses that well. If you get a version available for Kindle where it saves postage, etc., please let me know!

Best of luck with the book!

Eve said...

What a big part of my life was spend living the dream with Gary on his US adventure! I couldn't wait to see each and every day what the road would bring. Thank you so much Gary for sharing this special gift to so many who enjoyed your travels.
I hope you and your family have the safest and best year ahead!
Ride safe my friend!

Gary France said...

Rex – Thanks!

biker baby – Yep, got your address and something will be making its way across the Atlantic Ocean on its way to you soon.

Rosemary – I have started to research the possibility of an ebook version. I haven’t yet decided if I will go down that route, but if I do, I will let you know. I am glad that you enjoyed sharing my travels with me.

Eve – Thank you for your kind words. I hope that when you get your copy of the book, it reminds you of my journey and what a great country you are lucky to live in. Have a great 2013.