Tuesday 9 April 2013

Competition - Cool Places to Park a Motorcycle

Okay, want another easy-to-enter and just-for-fun competition?

This one involves finding a photo of your motorcycle parked in an interesting place. Post the picture somewhere (Facebook, Twitter, Blog, photo-sharing site etc) and put a link to it in the comments section below. Tell us where it is and why it is interesting. Entries close on Monday 22nd April.

Spread the word!

I will pick my top three favourites and post them on this blog. Don’t worry about the quality of the picture, it is the place the bike is parked that should be good. There are no prizes, this is just for fun!

I will start the ball rolling…..

Taken during my 21,000 mile ride around America, I parked my motorcycle on the pavement outside the Harley-Davidson Café in Las Vegas. A policeman agreed to let me do it!

Now, go find a picture of your bike parked somewhere interesting.....


RichardM said...

This is probably going to be a common location but I'll start off with
Myself with three friends at the Arctic Circle

Trobairitz said...

Hhhm. A friend has a Vincent Black Shadow parked in his living room.........under glass I believe.

Will be interesting to see what people come up with.

RichardM said...

Are multiple entries allowed?

If so, here is my bike parked by the Prince George man in the middle of British Columbia. I would have never even noticed its existence save for a comment from another moto-blogger who used to live there and asked for a photo.

Anonymous said...

OK Gary, here's my submission: an old building in Utah.


SonjaM said...

Hi Gary, nice challenge! Here is my contribution:

VStar Lady said...

Gary, can't compete with the rare parking spots above (your's included) but I've parked in some really awesome places. I've posted a few here at ://ridingonavstar.blogspot.ca/

Andrew Thomson said...

I just had to get in on this
: http://banditrider.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/cool-places-to-park.html

InvictaMoto said...

Some of the more exotic locations are going to be hard to beat but my entry is in taken in the rolling downs of Kent.

InvictaMoto said...

But the link was ignored....!


Dar said...

Here is my entry http://scootermayhem.blogspot.com And yes the bike is the centre of my universe!

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Here's mine

Highway 61 on my way to Illinois


Learning to Golf said...

Gary here is my submission. http://azharleydude.blogspot.com/
Now, I will go look at the others.

Unknown said...


Here you are . . .

click this link

Riding the Wet Coast

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Gary:

I cannot send a photo of the best place I have ever parked a motorcycle. For one thing, it was dark. For another, I don't want her husband to find out.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Brian said...

My Yamaha Raider parked in the Alabama hills of Inyo county. A "Star" Motorcycle in the place that the "Stars" have filmed hundreds of movies ;)


WooleyBugger said...


Here ya go on the picture.

Nikos said...

here's one I prepared earlier 2 machines ago


Troubadour said...

Here's one of my favorites, my Tiger in a wheat field: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XvcogIbfRUQ/UBqM_oRBBxI/AAAAAAAADfE/2pKbRAkXuC4/s640/IMG_5349.JPG

redlegsrides said...

Hi Gary!

An old picture, of Maria, my second motorcycle...with Denver's Blue Bear...thought it fitting as I am heading where more bears are to be found...though hopefully not of the same size!

Maria and the Bear



Anonymous said...

Hi Gary! I learned about this challenge through her highness, Princess Scooterpie, and fun it is!

Here is my latest blog post, featuring my favorite riding picture and my favorite parked picture, just because.



captain sparkle said...

here's my wife and our streetbob in Spain - felt like i was Peter Fonda riding along seeing things like this!
Aguero, Spain

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Gary, not exotic and perhaps not all that interesting, but it was so unexpected when I discovered this place in a place I thought I knew all about. Also, I find it cool because it is a sign of hope. Enjoy.

Gary France said...

Keith, you forgot to include the link.

Keith - Circle Blue said...

Whoops! Here's the link: http://crcleblue.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-eyes.html
Sorry about that.

Jonathon Wolfer said...

In my basement during Hurricane Sandy on the Connecticut Shoreline


Lady R (Di) said...

Okay... I'm in!

Took this during an Auburn game, one Fall Saturday afternoon. It's an old antique buildings with old antique stuff. lol!


Have fun browsing, Gary. There are a lot of very cool pics here!

Steve said...

Hi Gary

It looks like I just made your blog challenge by the skin of my teeth. Here it is here.......


Anonymous said...

If I'm not too late for an entry, here's a photo from last week on a ride through Oak Creek Canyon in AZ. Photo taken at the entrance to Slide Rock State Park.


Steve said...

Hey Gary
You have never posted up a winner for this blog post and it closed in april, but I guess you didn't say which year.

Gary France said...

Chiller Tek - You are absolutely right! You know when things get ahead of you and there is so much to do, that you don't achieve everything? This was one of those times. Your reminder has prompted me to do something about it though!