Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Harley-Davidson's go to St Tropez with Tour1

The first Tour1 road trip of the year is complete.

Our trip to get to St Tropez covered about 1,400 miles over six days of riding in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and we rode some fabulous roads set amongst glorious scenery. It was a spectacular journey to get to the French Riviera.

The three days at the rally in St Tropez were glorious. We were blessed with fantastic weather and the Harley-Davidson’s parked in front of the mega-yachts was a sight to see!

The area was crammed full of Harley owners and the rally site was busy. The Tour1 customers then flew home on the Sunday and our motorcycles were returned back to the UK by We Move Bikes during the following week. The St Tropez rally is one of my favourites and one that I look forward to every year.

For more information about Tour1, see www.tour1.co.uk

Dramatic road set into the cliff at Combe Laval

View over the town of Namur, Belgium

The Swiss Alps

Strange rock formation in Sisteron, France

Waiting for a ferry to Cross the Rhine river

One of the winning bikes at the custom Bike show

Lunch stop in the Black Forest in Germany

Stop to stretch our legs!

Another stop, this time near Chamonix in the Alps.

Our group at Combe Laval

Early morning cloud near Mont Blanc

Beautiful Verdon Gorge

Verdon Gorge

In the Alps, somewhere!

Harley-Davidson's in the port of St Tropez

St Tropez, a great place to sit, drink and watch the bikes ride by.

The village of Grimaud, where the custom bike show is held.

Sunshine and chrome - a great combination!

The custom bike show


redlegsrides said...

Some really great pics in this posting Gary! I especially liked the pic of the road set into a cliff with a rock overhang and the picture of early morning cloud in Mont Blanc....sounds like you're living the dream with this touring.

Learning to Golf said...

Stunning photos Gary. This ride goes on my bucket list for sure.

Trobairitz said...

Beautiful shots Gary.

It looks like some stunning scenery and the perfect place to ride.

Gary France said...

Charlie6 / Dom - Thank you. Living the dream is about right - its not bad for a day job! That road set in the cliff is spectacular. Check this out. http://bit.ly/1jzFMJn

Gary France said...

AHD - Now that you are retired, come and join in the fun! Europe is only a plane ride away!

Gary France said...

Trobairitz - It's not far from 1,400 miles of perfection to St Tropez on the route I use. The direct route is 750 miles, but that direct route misses all the best parts.

Kathleen Jennette said...

Unbelievably beautiful Gary! I live vicariously through you on these trips!

VStar Lady said...

Gary, unbelievably beautiful! I can't think of anywhere I've been or could go that would compare with that tour. Glad you caught it on 'film' so to speak (oh, oh -did I just give away my age? Film, what's film?)

RichardM said...

Those roads and scenery are absolutely incredible. And this is your day job!?

RichardM said...
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Gary France said...

KT - You are very welcome to join me in my travels. Through a computer or in person!

Gary France said...

VStar Lady - I remember film too. Some parts of Europe are incredibly beautiful to see and ride. Like most people, I tend to show the best bits in my pictures and of course, like everywhere, there are dull and uninteresting places as well. It is just that the good bits are very good indeed.

Gary France said...

Richard - It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Unknown said...


I really like the "the cliff at Combe Laval", I wonder how high the guard rail is, that is if there is one. That blue/green water in the Gorge is sort of like our glacier fed lakes in the Rockies, looks cold

You're living the dream. Riding with friends and enjoying the sunshine on your Harleys, but somebody has to do it

Keep snapping your photos as it is unlikely that I will ever make it there

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

Gary France said...

Bob - There is a short wall, maybe 2 feet high at the edge of the road. See http://bit.ly/1jzFMJn I agree about the water looking as if it came from a glacier, but there isn't anything like that around there. Nice colour though. The combination of sunshine on chrome is pretty hard to beat.

Unknown said...


Those photos make it look a bit scary. That wall seems very low and it would be easy to go "OFF". I think it is like looking at a waterfall from above, it hypnotizes you. The closest thing to that which I have ridden is the Highway to the Sun in Glacier NP where they had blocks spaced along the edge.

Riding the Wet Coast

Gary France said...

Bob – Yes, it does look scary, but in reality, it is very safe to ride. The road is wide and good quality. The short wall actually prevents drivers / riders from seeing over the edge, so when moving, you do concentrate on the road ahead.

SonjaM said...

Gary, beautiful pics!!! Very inspirational! The best thing... I have been to most of these places a couple of times, and I will likely have a chance (one fine day) to revisit, now that I am back in Europe. Definitely something to look forward to...

Walter Cronenburg said...

I used to take the Route Napoleon to get down to the south and it used to be pretty empty for a large part of the way. When one walks around St. Tropez, one usually notices that sleepy cat lying flat out under the café table in the shade. Probably hasn't moved from last year. Nice pictures, Gary.

Reike said...

oh my God,
that's amazing trip
i love to trip there