Thursday, 4 February 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy ! ! !

Oh my, it has been a busy few days. Here is my week so far.....

Monday - attended my Visa interview at the US Embassy in London. (Application approved).

Tuesday - found a more experienced shipper for transporting my bike from London to New York.

Wednesday - my sons (Jeremy’s) 21st Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEM).

Wednesday - decided I would go ahead with the new paint scheme for the bike.

Wednesday - went over the 1000 hits mark on my blog. Thank you, dear readers :-)

Thursday - rode the bike. Yeah. First time this year!

Thursday - took the bike to Warrs (H-D dealer) to strip it down ready for painting .

Thursday - started looking for 40’s and 50’s movies actresses portraits for the bike

Friday (tomorrow) - going to the London Motorcycle Show.



mq01 said...

thought i'd stop in and say hi gary :) i'll be following your blog. looks like you have a fabulous ride coming up!! maybe some of us CA bloggers can connect when you reach the SF Bay Area?!?...

ride safe, enjoy, and take care.
ms M (and bob)

Baron's Life said...

you sure been busy Gary...I didn't realize you guys in the UK needed a VISA to travel to the US...guess live and learn.
How much will it cost to ship the bike over to NY

Gary France said...

mq01 - Hi to you and thanks for stopping by my blog. It would be great to catch with some CA Bloggers up in the SF area. I was there in May last year and had a great time. A few of us rented bikes in SF and we did a 2000 mile circuit of California. On my tour I should get to CA in October - it is right at the end of my trip and there are new places I want to see. I have been reading about the Ortega Highway and that is on my list.....!

Baron - The UK and US have a reciprocal visa waiver program which means a citizen of either country does not normally need a visa to visit the other. However there are limitations put on that arrangement and one is that it only applies for visits of less than 90 days. As my tour is more than 90 days, then the rules say I need to have a visa. To get the bike by plane to NY is going to cost on the order of £1055, which at todays exchange rate equals $1,650, and this is one way. I am going to ship the bike back by sea from LA to London and that will cost about £1200 or $1,870. These costs include crating the bike and shipping. All up it is about $3,500 there and back which compared against rental costs is a lot of money if anybody was planning say a two week trip, but as my trip is 4 months, then it is a no-brainer to bring my own bike.

Chris Luhman said...


Sounds like you had a very productive week. Congrats on the visa and the 1000 hits! When do we get to see the new paint job??

Everyday Riding

Gary France said...

Chris - the new paint job should be completed in about six to eight weeks. There is a lot of air-brushing to be done, so it is going to take some time! Don't worry - I imagine there will be a few pics on here when it is finished!

Allen Madding said...

am I detecting a 50's pinup design?

Gary France said...

Allen - no, not pinups. Just portraits of movie actresses from the 50's. The list includes Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe etc. My Road King is black which I wanted to keep, so black and white portraits seemed to fit with the bike. When it is finished, I will do a posting just about the artwork.