Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 Headers

I was looking at Eve's blog, Sunny Side Up and saw that she had collected together all of the header photos used at the top of her blog during 2010. Realising this was a terrific idea, I did what any self-respecting person would do and, I , err, borrowed it.

So, here are my header pictures from 2010.....


Eve said...

These are the best EVER Gary!!! So glad you "borrowed" my idea!! And Continue to do so each new year!! AH the memories!! Can't wait for the "other places too"!!! Ride on!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Awesome headers, all suitable for framing. Gosh, we have a beautiful country. Thank you.

BeemerGirl said...

Wow! Some great images!! Great reminder of the trip and some wonderful sites.


Canajun said...

Some amazing photos there Gary. Thanks for putting them all in one place for our viewing pleasure.

BTW, Leading Ladies home yet?

Charlie6 said...

A very nice collection Sir!


Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

Redleg's Rides

Axel said...

Great idea, happy you continue this blog, and do not start a new one.
As it is difficult to change a URL, why not change the meaning of title, to something like that:
Gary USA Tour - Gary's Unbelievably Splendid Adventurous Tours :)
Looking forward to 2011

Baron's Life said...

Some very nice shots ans when you put them all together they make an awesome album.
Happy New year to you Gary

FLHX_Dave said...

Very nice. I loved the picts you took on your run. Everytime you changed up the header I just got a tad more envious.

Cheers and Happy New Year! I think this one is going to be a great better be!

Chris Luhman said...

Great shots Gary! There are some good memories in there.

-Chris @ - year round riding in Minnesota

Oz said...

Great idea and great photos. I never thought about changing the header very often. I like that idea and will probably change mine more than once a year.

bluekat said...

Nice series of headers. It kind of reminds of the 1,000 miles post you did. Makes an interesting recap of the whole story!

Gary France said...

Eve – Thanks for the idea to do the headers. Your are spectacular.

Patti – It truly is a beautiful country.

Lori – Thanks! Looking at them brings back great memories for me also.

Canajun – No, the Leading Ladies are still stuck in LA! An update posting is imminent.

Charlie6 – Thank you!

Axel – Keeping the same blog just makes so much more sense. Maybe not all of them would be splendid, but thanks for the suggestion!

Gary France said...

Baron – And a Happy New Year to you too.

Dave – Here’s to a great year! I hope yours brings you much joy and plenty of challenging bends, but no more that cause you problems!

Chris – Thanks! I haven’t got any in the snow yet though (and I am unlikely to).

Oz – Changing the header seems to refresh the whole blog. Go for it!

bluekat – Thanks. It is a sort of recap, but a shorter version!

Cynthia said...

These actually serves like a memorabilia of the places you've toured. It is a nice idea and you sure picked those great shots. It is so cool! That is what I like with motorcycles, you can go places with less expenses on gasoline.

Gary France said...

Cynthia – You are right, as they are like reminders of the places I was lucky enough to go see. I like the fact it is cheaper on gas as well, in fact touring on a bike can be very cheap if you choose accommodation wisely.