Monday, 31 January 2011

Hogslayer - The Unapproachable Legend

Some of my readers will remember I was lucky enough to be able to go see Jay Leno's private car and bike collection when I was in Los Angeles. This was possible because I happened to meet a TV producer months before in Milwaukee, called Jim Cutting.

It was Jim who very kindly contacted Jay and asked him if I could go see his collection so I owe Jim a big thank you for getting my visit sorted. I know that Jim is making a documentary about a Norton dual-engine drag bike called Hogslayer. Set for completion this year, the production team is looking for any existing material such as film, photographs, publications and video of the dragster and race team for inclusion in the documentary. They also have some sponsorship deals available.

This is the trailer for the documentary....

Here is the full recent press release distributed by the production company....

Hogslayer Documentary in the Final Stretch

“Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend” Set for Release in 2011

SLINGER, WIS. (January 31, 2011) – Excitement is building among racing enthusiasts for a new independent documentary about the multi-world champion motorcycle drag racing legend – the Hogslayer. Slated for a 2011 release date, the production company, The Edge Ltd., is accepting additional documentary materials and offering sponsorships on this exciting project.

Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend is the true-life story of the dual-engine Norton dragster designed, built and raced by John Gregory and TC Christenson of Sunset Motors in Kenosha, Wis. The documentary chronicles the Sunset Motors Racing Team’s unrivaled innovation and unbridled courage as they faced unyielding challengers throughout the United States and Europe in the 1970’s. The Hogslayer dragster is presently on exhibit at the National Motorcycle Museum in the United Kingdom.

The project is currently being financed and produced independently by The Edge Ltd., however the production company is offering sponsorships to assist with the remaining funding and to share in the premieres and distribution promotion of the documentary. The Edge Ltd. is also offering an open invitation for anyone familiar with the Hogslayer story to submit film, photographs, publications and video of the dragster and race team for inclusion in the documentary. For additional information or to submit materials, contact James Cutting, independent producer, The Edge Ltd., at 262-224-3777 or

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Geoff James said...

I'll forward your post to a friend (Pete Miller)in the UK I used to drag race with. Pete held the 500cc class world record for several years and was one of the major players in the bike drag scene after I emigrated. Hogslayer ran in the UK whilst Pete was at the top of his game and he may be able to use some of his contacts to flush out material.

Gary France said...

Geoff – That would be terrific, thanks.

Geoff James said...

Done. Also sent an email and link to Alan Currans of the Acceleration Archive website ( He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of early drag bikes and cars.

Hope it all works out.