Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nathan’s Great Road Trip Video

I was looking at Lucky’s blog, The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour and I watched a couple of videos he had posted on there. They are so good, I have taken the liberty of also linking to them here on my blog.

These videos are about a young guy called Nathan who on the spur of the moment woke up one day and decided to buy his first motorbike and go on a road trip to Scotland. Oh, I should include that this trip was done mainly in the rain! He hasn’t even got a full motorcycle licence, so he has to display “L” plates to show he is a learner rider. He went to a dealer, bought a 20 year old 125cc Suzuki and went for a 958 mile ride on it, which as he says, "Is not bad for my first trip on the bike". He made two short videos about the trip and posted them on the web.

I have lifted the photo below from Nathans website but I am sure he won’t mind....

The videos will appeal to most people but especially to anyone that had a bike when they were young. They are brilliantly made and Nathan is very good at taking a simple story about a bike ride and telling it very well. Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman watch out!

The videos are well made and no doubt took him a lot of time. Get ready for the bit about the kill switch – it’s a classic!

Keep up the good work Nathan.

The videos are in two parts.....

You can read more about Nathan's trip at


Chris said...

Thanks for the tip Gary. I enjoyed his first vid. A bit of editing yes! I'll save part 2 for later.

-Chris @ - year round riding in Minnnesota

Unknown said...

Nice editing, wow, nice trip on a small bike and with bad weather, brave guy. These are the kinds of adventures that stay with you forever.

Rex J. Covington said...

Love Nathan Whitworth video and his website, thanks for sharing.

Gary France said...

Chris – Glad you enjoyed it.

George – Brave indeed, but as you say, he will remember it forever.

Rex – It sure is a great video

Leisa Dreps said...

Watching road trip videos like this made me wanna go on out and drive my new Hyundai Genesis out for a spin with my friends in Indianapolis, because it has been a while since we last went out and go to some parts in USA for a photo & food road trip. We usually went for a 3 (now 4) car convoy with driving shifts to ensure that we won't get burned out driving, and prior to the trip, we always get our car checked at the Hyundai Indianapolis dealers, just for safety purposes.