Sunday, 27 September 2009

1st September - Detailed Planning Part 6

I spent yesterday planning the tour through Colorado. This sounds like it will be one of my favourite States. The mountains, passes and rivers will mean this could be a stunning State to ride in.

When I did the planning for Colorado I used an excellent site which is full of helpful information to people planning to ride here. This is called Passes & Canyons – Motorcycle Touring in Colorado.

Today, I started to look at the States of Utah and Arizona. Monument Valley looks fantastic.


motoroz said...

I have ridden in Colorado a bunch! You are going to love it. If you want some more info feel free to contact me. You can also get some info from my blog.

I really liked your music list. I would add - Meatloaf - Everything louder than Everything else & Rush - Fly by night.

A group of us Texans will be in Colorado & Wyoming from July 11-23. Maybe we can meet up.

Gary France said...

Motoroz, I have finished the route planning for Colorado and my intended mileage there reflects just how much I am looking forward to this State - I plan to do just under 2000 miles in Colorado alone!

Sadly it seems that we might not be able to meet up. I enter Wyoming just after Sturgis on 14th August and I don't get to Colorado until about 28th August. You will have been and gone by then.

As for music, I have added the Meatloaf song to my list, but having listened to the Rush song, I am going to pass on that one.