Friday, 25 September 2009

8th / 9th August 2009 – The SOFER Rally

This was the weekend of SOFER, the South of England Rally, a multi-chapter Harley Owners Group (HOG) event held at Bisley in Surrey. This was a 3 day long event and my eldest son and I decided to camp. I hadn’t actually slept in a tent for years and I now know why! This weekend made me decided that camping on the USA tour was definitely not for me! I woke in the morning after a very uncomfortable night eased only by the amount of beer that I had to drink the night before. Camping whilst touring on a motorbike is certainly possible and many people do this, but carrying all the equipment needed if camping cannot be easy.

The rally itself was great fun. This is organised by five HOG Chapters (1066, Invicta, Oxford UK, Hogsback, and Thames Valley) and is probably one of the bigger HOG events with bands, retailers, games, a custom bike show (I won best radical custom for my red bike) and lots more.

Over the weekend I met Marjorie Rae, the Manager of HOG for UK and Ireland when she presented me with my custom bike prize, so I took the opportunity to discuss with Marjorie the USA Tour I was planning and it was suggested that I might write a blog about the tour. Hence that is the reason this blog came to fruition!

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Jeremy France said...

Dad You Look Like A Proper Greasy Biker In That Photo!
I'm So Proud Of You!!! :)