Saturday, 26 September 2009

31st August 2009 - Saddlebag Locks for my Road King Classic

Having done a few long trips through Europe on my Harley-Davidson Road King Classic, I had learnt that not having locks on the standard leather panniers is a real pain. This means that I could not leave anything of value in the saddlebags.

I had heard that you could buy locks for these saddlebags and I had previously set out to find some on the web. I found they were available in the USA and had bought a set from the Lock It company ( Today, I fitted them. It took a couple of hours and was relatively straightforward. They were quite expensive ($180), but in the long run, I suspect they will be more than worth the money.


Anonymous said...

What did you pay at the end all-in when they reached your door in London? Had a bad experience from ordering in the US parts for my old Goldwing, as many middle man kept adding costs to the final delivery bill.

Gary France said...

roadkinguk - I just went back through my files and looked. I had the locks delivered to my step-daughter in Washington and she then bought them to the UK on her next visit. I therefore only paid the advertised price. I do know what you mean though - the UK customs people often add tax onto items that are shipped to the UK and then you cannot get them delivered until the tax has been paid.