Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Business

We don't get much snow in the South of England, but yesterday was one of those rare occasions. As such, I had to take a few photos near where I live......


Dave O'Byrne said...

Hi Gary! Beautiful snow shots, the weather's the same here in Denmark, and back home in Ireland, as far as I hear... Hope it clears up for your big USA trip! :)

Gary France said...

Thanks Dave, I am glad you liked the photos. I should have left it a day as now the sun is out, shining on the snow - it looks even better today! Everywhere has been hit by the snow and I here there is more coming to London.

Canajun said...

Gary - I've been watching on the news over here. Looks like (nice pictures aside) you've got a helluva mess over there, with no end in sight any time soon. It's one thing here where we're used to the snow and most people know how to drive in it, but even the though of being on the M1 sends shivers down my spine.
So just think warm thoughts .... Southern California.

Gary France said...

Canajun - yes, quite a mess.

In the UK we normally get very little snow. Sometimes we get none for years and even then it is light and very patchy, but this is way different – a satellite photo I saw last night shows the whole country covered in snow. Not getting much snow means as a nation we are not prepared for it. People have the wrong sort of cars for snow (it is a hoot watching rear wheel drive cars trying to get up hills) and generally people don’t know how to drive in snow because they don’t have much experience of it.

The situation is compounded by the local Governments, quite rightly don’t spend a lot of money preparing for such a lot of snow. We don’t have enough ploughs or gritters and why would you if you only get a little bit of snow every few years? That just doesn’t stack up financially.

So people get stuck, people stay at home, only the major roads get cleared, schools close and public transport gets badly affected. For the last 18 months I worked a lot of my time in Moscow and it was completely different there. Any overnight snow was cleared from ALL roads and walkways before sunrise even if it was still snowing. What a set-up they have there, based on years of doing it they all know exactly what to do.

Anyway, whilst my feet may be on snow, my mind is in sunshine preparing for my trip!

motoroz said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow. Glad I am in Texas

Gary France said...

Motoroz, there is another 10 inches / 25cm due to fall here tonight. Nice to look at at, but after a week of this, it is getting somewhat tiresome!


bobskoot said...


I have read you comments but I am still in Hawaii and our plane leaves tonight back to Vancouver. I just wanted you to know that I am not ignoring you, it's just that I am using a netbook and its small keys.
I had the same dilema as you about choosing a camera for the bike. I have a helmet cam but you have to move your head around a lot to scan for traffic so video isn't smooth. I prefer ram mounts onto your handlebars. It's safer too, as all you have to do is push one button to record. with the helmet cam I cannot see the remote unit so I can't tell if it is one or not, as the screen on the recording unit (archos) goes blank to conserve battery power.
As for file types, .MOV is not very efficient, it uses too much storage and your cards don't hold much running time. .MP4 or H.264 will last 2x, or more. But as with any compression you have to know its downfalls, such as "key" frames. I can explain in more detail when I get home onto a larger keyboard, or if you have any questions.
I am using my new ZS3 which records in the new AVCHD format. I have some test videos on my channel. Check out the video "Wendy and Ralph" , this is HD 720p30 edited with PREL, Premier Elements 8, but first converted to .AVI using Koyote (Free converter)
All for now

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