Friday, 16 April 2010

Boys will be Boys....

Earlier today I watched a video made by fellow blogger bobskoot whose blog goes by the name of Wet Coast Scootin.

Bob is a nice chap, who is inventive, knowledgeable and very helpful in many new areas that I am not very accomplished in (blogland, videos, electrics, to name a few).

Today though, I have to give him a bit of a ticking off, for he is endangering life and (especially) limb. His limb. Or more accurately, his feet. If you take a look at the link above you will see what I mean – just check out the video.

Well, this got me thinking that to act in this way, Bob must have been pretty reckless as a boy. You know the type – always taking things apart, finding insects to dissect, playing with fireworks, and so on. This conjured some images in my mind, that I remembered seeing previously so I searched them out and have re-produced them below. These have absolutely nothing to do with motorbikes or touring the USA, but I thought you might like to see them.

If you are a guy, which one of these most reminds you of your own childhood? If you are a woman, I bet you remember seeing some things like these.....

If you have seen them before, I am sure you won't mind seeing them again.





















bobskoot said...

Gary, my friend:

I must say that I am deeply honoured to have earned your respect and also the fact that you are very concerned for my welfare and safety. I am not a reckless person and accidents happen to other people, so I am relatively safe in my approach to my proven methods.

You obviously don’t accept the properties of Pink Crocs which maintains protection even when not worn for short durations thereafter so I was still fully within the invisible, safety force shield.

I chuckle to myself as I viewed those photos from times past. Only youth has the power of discovery. If only we knew then what we know now we would have been more reckless in our younger years.

I realize that I am bonded to you in a way that is not explainable. We are able to interact in a way that only those who have known each other for years are able. I wished that I could have joined you in your US tour but it is not to be as you are not going to be anywhere within a radius of 1,000 miles. Of course this may not have been a co-incidence, or it may have been intended. Perhaps it is because I have a NON H-D .

Only friends can make fun of each other and for that I am deeply humbled

Your friend in Canada
Wet Coast Scootin

mq01 said...

:) awwwwww....

Gary France said...

Bob – How could I have possibly missed that? The safety force shield given off by the pink crocs! Of course! Your readers and fellow bloggers need not have worried, for like always, you had it covered in your own way. It was clever of you to keep the crocs just out of shot, for then it would have been easier for us to realise what was happening. Very cunning.

It certainly does feel like we have known each other for years. I certainly look upon you as a friend and I appreciate the assistance you have given to me. You are clearly the sort of person that puts time and effort to doing things just right and that includes helping others.

I too regret that I my tour does not get nearer to Vancouver, for it would have been terrific to meet with you and ride together. I do suspect however that pretty soon after the tour, when I am next in Seattle visiting my wife’s family, that I might just rent a bike and head north to come and see those pink crocs for myself!

Thank you, my friend.

Oh, and in case the shield is low on power one day, look after those feet!

irondad said...

I know it's cruel, but I can't wait to take some similar photos with my new grandson!

Gary France said...

Irondad - get him to wait a while before he tries 12, 17 or 18.

mccolo said...

I love that last shot. Down that slope and out on that pier . . .

Gary France said...

mccolo - you should try that on some of the downhill sections of some of the mountain roads in Colorado!