Thursday 22 December 2011

2011 Moto-Blogging Awards. And the award goes to....

Another blogging year is coming to an end.

I have enjoyed reading many people’s motorcycle related blogs again this year, so much in fact that that I have decided announce the 'Flies in your Teeth 2011 Moto-Blogging Awards'. Sort of like the Oscars for Motorcycle Blogging, but not really.

These are just for fun, carry no prizes and the judge’s decision is final !!!!

If you are not mentioned, then that is probably due to my bad memory.

So, in no particular order......

The blogger that made me laugh the most in 2011. Jack Riepe of Twisted Roads. Keep it up Jack.

With all of his food pictures, the blogger that constantly made me feel hungry, Bobskoot of Wet Coast Scootin, with a special mention also for Lucky on his Pizza Crusade

The person with the coolest blog name. Brady from Behind Bars.

The blogger that gets more exercise than most and makes me feel guilty for not doing more myself, is bluekat, who writes about bluekat’s journeys be they by bicycle, kayak, on foot, or on a motorcycle.

The blogger that makes me feel cold, due to his Polar Bear rides. Chris (where's that snow?) Luhman of Everyday Riding. Brrrrr!

The bloggers that are nearly always on the road. Donna and Stu, who are hauling it around while they take a 5th.

For posting pictures that make me want to travel half way around the world to ride on another island. Roger, aka Raftnn, who has All Things Rogey.

A blogger that doesn't post often, but when he does, I always read it. The Arizona Harley Dude.

The blogger that has finally seen sense and bought a Harley-Davidson. And she takes great photos too.... . Sonja. who has (re-)discovered motorcycle riding.

The blogger that I want to meet on the salt. George was originally from Mozambique, now living in the USA, who writes about Riding the USA.

Canajun, who is the Ottawan blogger On Two Wheels that has a happy humidor.

My favourite blogging couple. Troubadour and Trobairitz

The blogger that I so want to pass his IAM qualification. Geoff, who shares his confessions here.

The blogger with a great balance between ride reports and life in general, motoroz who isn't just an ordinary biker.

The blogger that does the best interviews. Stephanie, the Iowa Harley Girl.

The top sidecar blogger (and the blogger with the most names). Dom/Redleg/Charlie6. of Redlegs rides.

The most technical blogger and Chapter photographer. Axel, of Road King UK.

The blogger that took the most inspiring trip in 2011. V-Star Lady. What a great adventure she had, riding her V-Star.

The terrific writer that often makes me sit back and think about what he has written, FLHX Dave from the Road Grits Cafe. He also makes great coffee!

The fun-loving brand-loyal blogger. BeemerGirl, who has the Love of a Motorbike.

A new biking blogger that enjoys sharing as he learns. Circle Blue who has Twists and Leanings.

The blogger that moved from a warm place to a cold one, that used to write about exercise, but now mainly writes about riding his BMW, Richard.

The blogger with attitude who says what she thinks. mq01 from over at Ms M's Place.

The blogger that I learn from, irondad, The Intrepid Commuter.

The blogger with the coolest custom motorcycles. Ian Solley, of 7 Ages Custom Motorcycles.

The blogger with the most impressive beard, WooleyBugger of Wooley’s Rants and Sonic Cleaning.

A very keen moto-blogger, who writes about riding her Scooter experiences, Princess Scooterpie.

The blogger that disappeared for a while and then came back. Baron.

The blogger that is on the mend. Jimbo, who will hopefully soon be back to Premeditated Scootin'.

The blogger with many years of biking experience, Doug, who has spent more than Forty Years On Two Wheels.

Plus of course, all other bloggers that I have failed to mention.

and finally, my favourite blogger that doesn't even write a blog. Mrs France.

Thank you all for your terrific blogs and I look forward to reading more about you and your adventures in the year ahead.

It only leaves me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a terrific New Year. I hope you all have many great rides in 2012.

Monday 19 December 2011

I need your help - what cars are these?

When I was on my ride through the USA last year, I saw and photographed two cars.  I want to refer to these in my book about the trip but I am afraid I don't know what they are.  Does anyone out there know?

I believe the lighter car might be a Chevrolet Impala, but I am not certain and I don't have a clue what the green car is.  I will be very grateful for any information!

Thursday 15 December 2011

It won’t look like this for long....

The design stage of my new custom bike is progressing well and should be finished within a week or so.

I am not going to give anything away about what it might eventually look like, but there are some pictures below showing what the donor bike currently looks like.

So, what will we be keeping from the existing bike?  Just two things.  The engine and the frame.  A whole bunch of spare parts will be going on eBay soon!

The completed bike should be ready by the middle of April, so I will keep you posted!