Wednesday 18 November 2009

HOG Assistance in the USA

Many of us Harley-Davidson riders in the UK have taken out a bike recovery insurance policy called HOG assistance. In the event of a breakdown, this covers transporting your bike to the nearest H-D dealer, transport costs, overnight accommodation etc.

I have enquired if the UK cover is applicable if you take your Harley to the States, and the simple answer is yes. The UK and USA organisations have reciprocal arrangements whereby each is covered in the others country. There are two things you should do however – notify HOG assistance in the UK before you go to check exactly what cover you will have in the USA and secondly, get from the UK people the breakdown telephone numbers for use in the USA.

Sunday 8 November 2009

USA Times Zones

One of the things I will have to think about on the tour is the different time zones across the USA. On the main (contiguous) States, there are 4 times zones which are (from west to east) Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern. These range between 8 and 5 hours behind the UK. The map below shows approximately what time zones are where. Don’t get caught out by the boundaries – they don’t necessarily follow the State boundaries as you might expect!

The USA changes its clocks for summertime normally at the same time as the UK, but sometimes not.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Top Road Trip Songs

When on the tour, I want to listen to the most relevant music that I can. Therefore I am putting together a list of my Top Road Trip Songs. I have my own ideas about what to include, but I’d like some suggestions, so why not suggest a song or two using the comments link below this post and maybe add your suggestion to my list.