Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Top Road Trip Songs

When on the tour, I want to listen to the most relevant music that I can. Therefore I am putting together a list of my Top Road Trip Songs. I have my own ideas about what to include, but I’d like some suggestions, so why not suggest a song or two using the comments link below this post and maybe add your suggestion to my list.


Anonymous said...

How about Bad Reputation, by Joan Jett?

or, the Rolling Stones, Jumpin Jack Flash which is great to ride / drive to.

Chris, aka the DJ

Anonymous said...

How about these Cuz,Waterloo Sunset - Kinks / Speed King - Deep Purple /Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh / Stairway to Heaven - Led Zep
I know what I like - Genesis / Baba O'Riley - The Who / Riders on a storm - The Doors
London Calling - The Clash / Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd / Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
Where's me shirt - Ken Dodd and the Diddy men
Hope you like the last track, Cuz

Gary France said...

Where's me shirt? One of my favourites!

Golfelite said...

Where's me shirt is now your ring tone when you call me!

mark said...

Hi, what a great trip. For something different, how bout some phillip glass. Great for canyons & desert.

Motor-head Lady said...

Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eagles...to name a few. You have a great list going. What an amazing trip! Lucky you!

Gary France said...

M-H Lady - Thanks for the suggestions. I certainly need to add some Van Halen and some Eagles to my list. I will get onto it.


Gary France said...

How did I miss The Eagles - The Long Run?? It should be the theme tune for my trip!!!

Motor-head Lady said...

Don't forget Hotel California since you are ending the trip in Cali :-) I look forward to following your posts. I've added your blog to my list of "Favorite Blogs".
MH Lady