Thursday 22 March 2012

Getting Discouraged by Blogger

Is it only me, or are others out there in the blog-o-sphere getting a bit sick and tired of Blogger and how the various ‘improvements’ made to the software actually make things worse?

After a while of being away from my blogging to concentrate on other things for a while, I was set to return, but have noticed a few recent problems with the software.

Chief amongst these is the inability to subscribe to some blog posts. This means if I leave a comment on someone’s blog, I have to try to remember to revisit that blog post to see there is a response. The old way of being notified by e-mail if a follow-up comment has been subsequently added is no longer available on many blogs. Bizarrely though, this doesn’t happen on all blogs hosted by Blogger. It does happen on my own blog and I have to say this has discouraged me from posting, as my readers will also have this problem.

Does anyone know of a solution to this? If not, I will stay away for a while until it gets fixed. I never thought I would become a Facebook user, but it is so much easier to post stuff on there until Blogger gets its act together and starts solving some of its many problems.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Riding Harley-Davidsons in Cuba

I just got back from 10 days riding in Cuba.

I will post more on the trip later, but in the meantime, enjoy the video.....