Sunday, 2 May 2010

Top 20 Biking Blogs

Well, I didn’t expect that!

Carole Nash, one of the UK’s favourite motorcycle insurance specialist has announced its Top 20 Biking Blogs.

Carole Nash said they had “been browsing the best of the biking web, picking out some of the best motorcycle blogs that we have come across in the past few months”.

Guess what??? My blog is on the list – I am chuffed to bits, but I am not sure I deserve this. There are what I consider to be far better motorcycle blogs out there than my humble attempt. I am pretty pleased they picked mine though.

Here is the link to their article. For an insurance company they have some great parts to their website.


Bleiglass said...

Believe me, you deserve it. Your entries are original, interesting, informative, motivating, timely and helpful. Waiting what happens once you hit the road in the US, hope you can keep up the pace in writing and publishing.
The only thing is your articles cost me quite some money, as I tend to follow your advise :)

iansolley said...

amazing stuff - well done - its a testament to the detail that you write - interesting and educating stuff - really looking forwards to when you finally gt going in the USA!

Learning to Golf said...

Well, that does it now doesn't it? Now you'll need to stop and hour or two earlier every day of the Tour to write a post.

Very well deserved honor as your blog is a must read and I'm personally looking forward to your take on some of the same roads I'll be riding this summer. Congratulations!!!!

Chris said...

Congrats Gary!

SonjaM said...

A well deserved spot on that list. Congratulations! You are authentic and your postings interesting and versatile in their topics. Can't wait to read your posts from from the US highways and byways (no pressure here...). Cheers from the West coast, SonjaM

biker baby said...

Congratulations on the honor. Looking forward to reading about your trip.

biker baby said...
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Unknown said...


Yeh, no pressure from here either. but looking forward to your daily posts with HD video along your route. keep it up (you know what I mean)

Wet Coast Scootin

Unknown said...


Unrelated Comment: The mounting connector on my GoProHD broke. This is the shoe on the bottom of the camera which slides into the sticky tape base I had mounted near my windscreen. I snapped it in place, and later went to remove it. I usually pinch the two ends together to clear the cam and the left one snapped off. It is sort of a springy type of metal. It still appears to work correctly with just the right one holding, but I had to order another Bag of mounts just to get the shoe. With your two cameras I was thinking that perhaps you should order a spare before your trip, or order it and send it to a US address.

I found this video and thought you might like it. Pay attention to the last segment on H-D's.

Wet Coast Scootin

IHG said...

Congrats on making the list! It looks like you are circling around Iowa but you are going to ride Loess Hills which is very pretty.

Doug Klassen said...

Hey, congratulations. You underestimate the quality of your blog. Word of good writing gets around fast. Fame and fortune are sure to follow. ;-)

Oz said...

Awesome. I think she made a good choice. You do a good job and it is good reading.

Gary France said...

Bleiglass – Thanks for your kind words and sorry about costing you money! You don’t have to follow my advice, but I am glad that somebody does! I too sometimes read about a good product that somebody has written about and then buy it. Blogs are sometimes a good source of independent views.

Ian – I will of course be writing posts when I am on my trip, but I am not sure I will have time to keep up the same level of detail (which is probably a good thing!)

AHD – It is my intention to try to write something every day, because if I don’t I will forget what I did and saw the previous day. My family say I suffer for a condition called “memoritis teribliss” so committing things down in words quickly helps me a lot. I am going to write about each road I travel on. I think this may be something like the good, the bad and the ugly of riding roads - I just hope I find enough time to do this!

Chris – Thanks for your congrats!

Sonja – Thank you (from the South of France to the West Coast). I hope that my postings from the road are interesting for people to read.

Biker Baby – Thanks. It is strange to think that I have written quite a lot already, but I haven’t ridden anywhere yet on this trip. Hopefully I will have lots to write about.

Bobscoot – I certainly hope to be uploading HD videos from the road, but in order for this to happen, they may need to be quite short. This is probably a good thing anyway!

Bobscoot – That’s not good. I can picture the part you mention and I can see that the arm may break, although this shouldn’t really happen. It is a shame I live so far away otherwise I could have sent you my one, because I don’t use that way of mounting. I have now purchased two cardelinni clamps and mounting heads. These are pretty tough so they shouldn’t give any problems, but just in case, I have ordered a spare tripod mount in case this gives way during the 15,000 miles. I watched the video - are you saying you think H-D’s are unreliable?

IowaHarleyGirl – Circling, yes. Looking at it now, it seems strange that I am going a long way around the Iowa, but not crossing it. I am not trying to avoid it though!

Doug – Thanks. Fame and Fortune would be nice, and that would be a good side benefit of this blog.

Oz – I am pleased that it makes good reading – or at least some parts of it.

Unknown said...


I'm grinning as I type. I'm trying to figure out how many spares you have, plus all your camera gear and chargers, laptop, phone, GPS, clamps . . . Is there any room for clothes, or do we see you everyday for 5 months wearing the same, unwashed T-shirt ? Or do you have a support vehicle following your every move ?

as for the shoe clamp, I purchased a new one even though I may not use it anymore, but to have the set complete. I may just use the Ram-Mounts.

are we going to be able to follow your "SPOT" locator ?

Wet Coast Scootin

Gary France said...

Bob - Darn it. I knew I forgot something. Clothes! I have much of what I intend to take laid out on the floor of a spare bedroom. You used to be able to see carpet on that floor - now it is just gear! Can I tow a trailer behind my Harley?

Baron's Life said...

An impressive set of photographs all around...Must be wonderful to have been to St-Tropez...with all these riders...just chilling and having a good time...just imagine the amount of money that was parked there.

Baron's Life said...

Congrats...well done and well deserved

Gary France said...

Baron - Thanks. The St Tropez trip was great fun. GReat people, great setting, great rides and of course, great bikes!