Wednesday 13 October 2010

Way Behind and a Lost Hour.

Two days ago I took Jackie to Phoenix so she could get a flight home.

We had a great 2 weeks travelling on the bike together. Despite the cold, rain, near tornadoes and hail, she did brilliantly on the bike and didn’t complain about the discomforts at all. Of course, now she has gone, the weather has improved dramatically and has today become nice and hot again.

Being away for 5 months means I have quite a lot of gear that I carry with me, but I had to give up a lot of the available space on the bike for Jackie’s things. I left a lot of my stuff in a hotel and I have now been re-united with it. This morning was quite strange as I packed the bike once again with just my stuff. I do miss Jackie, but I don’t miss her stuff - women need more space than men and it was nice to get the space back for my gear!

I didn’t do as many blog posts as usual when Jackie was here. It was good to just spend time together, but that has meant I am now way behind on my posts. I need to find time to catch up somehow but I have a busy 2 weeks ahead with many great places to see, so I am not sure how I am going to get up to date. I need to do it quickly though as the more I delay, the more I forget to write about. I have about 4 or 5 posts that I need to do including starting with sorting out which pictures of the Grand Canyon to include out of the 700+ I took. I rode 323 miles today and I just don’t have the energy to sort through them tonight, so it will have to wait. That means I will be another day behind.....!

I just spoke with Jackie and she made it back to Seattle ok before she flies on to London tomorrow. Poor thing, she will be worn out by the time she gets back!

I go to Monument Valley tomorrow. I rode past it on my way down to Arizona, but I have allocated a full day to see it properly, including getting there early to take some sunrise shots. I was planning to get to bed early tonight, but I seem to have lost an hour when I crossed back into Utah today....


Oz said...

Understandable that you did not post as often while Jackie was in town. Glad the two of you had a good time. Look forward to your posts, but make sure you get your rest. We don't want to read about you falling asleep on the bike.

Eve said...

Dang those time zones should have gone the other way!!! hahahaha! Hope Jackie had a good flight. I'm much more behind than you so working on catching up now!

My Bikers World said...

The Russians have one good proverb for this situation, which can be translated into English in the following way: "when the woman gets out of the carriage, the horse gets much happier".

Gary France said...

Oz – Falling asleep would not be a good thing. I have only felt anywhere nearly tired enough for that once on this tour, so I stopped almost straight away and found somewhere for the night.

Eve – I had to meet someone in Chicago and not realising I had crossed a time zone as I headed west, I arrived an hour early. I felt somewhat silly when I telephoned him to ask where he was, and he told me we were not meeting for another 45 minutes!

MBW – That is funny. I never heard that one when I was working in Moscow.