Monday 29 July 2013

Recommended Reading - A Dented Mind and a Harley-Davidson

I found a new motorcycling blog this morning that I would like to recommend.

Nigel Benson started writing his blog earlier this year about his quest to pass his motorcycle test and to then buy a Harley-Davidson. What is unusual is the reason why he has started riding again.

In February 2011, Nigel had a train accident that caused injury to his head and caused “dreadful tinnitus, not a ringing in an ear but a horrible loud screaming that fills my head every waking moment.”  Read more about his accident.

He discovered one of the ways he gets relief from this noise is when riding a motorcycle.

While still awaiting financial compensation from the accident, Nigel cannot yet buy the Harley-Davidson he so wants. It is an interesting story and another well written blog that some of my readers might want to follow.

You can find his blog here…


Rex J. Covington said...

Thanks Gary, I added his blog to my read list!

Anonymous said...

I know the screaming he hears in his head. I have it too, though it's not a loud scream, more like a moderate hiss. It got worse with a motorcycle accident I had 7 years ago. I only hear it when everything is quiet. I'll check out his blog.

Trobairitz said...

Thanks for the link Gary. I have linked him and it looks like I have some catch up reading to do.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks for the link tip, I'll have to check it out.

Steve Johnson, sounds like Otosclerosis. It's akin to the sound of a television or radio between stations and getting static. Every now and then you will hear a sound like a mosquito buzzing your ear and it will get louder then suddenly stop.

Sash Johnson said...

WOW! That's got to be awful! I feel so bad for Highway (Steve Johnson) because of his hearing issues. I am hard of hearing and he battles his own buzzing issue, so you can imagine our misunderstandings. But a screaming that never stops, ugh. I can certainly see how riding cleanses that.

I love that when I'm riding I don't have to listen to anyone and no one expects me to answer my phone all day. I notice fewer people call me now too. . . Ha ha ha!

I'll take a look.

Ilene said...