Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My new motorcycle touring business.

A few weeks ago, I hinted that I would be making an announcement about something motorcycle related. It sparked quite a lot of guesses about what it might be about.

Well, the waiting is over, as today I launch my new motorcycle touring business.

Called Tour1, the main points of what we are doing are…..

  • We devise and lead motorcycle tours from the UK to Harley-Davidson European rallies.
  • These are one-way tours and we ship your motorcycle back to the UK. We do this in partnership with “We Move Bikes”, the UK’s leading motorcycle shipper.
  • Due to the tours being one-way only, you can ride across Europe, attend a great motorcycle rally and get back home, all in one week.
  • We find great roads to ride, avoid motorways and have a preference for back roads.
  • Many of our routes are planned to ride over the Alps mountains.
  • In 2014, we are riding to three main Harley-Davidson rallies....
  • We are going to the HOG Euro Festival, in St Tropez, France (May 2014)
  • Plus, the main Harley-Davidson European Rally in Biograd, Croatia (June 2014)
  • And the big one, European Bike Week, in Faaker See, Austria (September 2014)
  • We have also organised a four day tour around parts of northern France

I will personally lead each of the tours.

The routes are planned, the hotels are booked and the anticipation levels are rising!

For more information, see our new website at www.tour1.co.uk


Lucky said...

Wow, cool! Best of luck with your new venture Gary!

Trobairitz said...

Awesome. Good for you Gary.

You are going to ride to the events and you are giving people a great experience while you are at it.

Just don't turn riding into work. Is that even possible?

Canajun said...

Good luck with the new venture Gary; should be a winner.

SonjaM said...

Best of luck, Gary. With your specific background, I am sure that the tours will be handled with absolute professionalism. Too bad, I am not living in the UK...

Gary France said...

Lucky – Thanks very much.

Trobairitz – Yes, it is work, but what better way of working can there be. It’s just not full time work!

Canajun – I hope so!

Sonja – Thank you for your vote of confidence. Three of our tours go through Germany (near you I think), so we can pick you up along the way and no doubt the trucks will probably be driving back through Germany so we could probably ship your bike back to you at home. If you want to do it, I am sure we could make it work.

Unknown said...


this is great news. I know you are an excellent planner and it makes a big difference that you are actually going to be a ride leader, to make sure all goes according to plan. It also helps that you have ridden to these places already so you already know what to expect

For you I know that it will be more like meeting new friends and showing them around and to make sure they all have a good time and return home with great memories. I mean, what's better than having a vocation that is more like being on vacation & having fun, even though you are supposed to be working

Good luck, sounds like a good concept

Riding the Wet Coast

Dave said...

Gary, this is way cool! I have a gut feeling you will do a brisk business here. Best of luck with all of it.

mq01 said...

Gary! what a FABULOUS new chapter you have found yourself in!!! BRAVO and best wishes!!

i had sonja's thought too; too bad i am not living in the UK. but, if i find myself there!!.. :)

redlegsrides said...

Yay, no more silence on my part! :)

I echo the others' well wishes for your new venture Gary!!!

Perhaps a URAL or two to act as support vehicles..... ;)


oldchigger said...

Grab that bull by the horns brother and ride it till it can't stand up no more!!! Great idea and I couldn't think of a better way to spend time. If your ever interested in doing something like that over here in the states let me know. I've got the southern central region in my backyard.

Rex J. Covington said...

Very Cool! Good Luck With The New Business!

Gary France said...

Bob – I agree, what better way than to spend your time making sure that other people have a great time, while having a great time yourself. Yep, I love the planning stage of ideas like this – all very exciting working out where to go, what roads to ride and where to stay.

Dave – Thanks very much. I have an idea I want to share with you. I will send an email.

mq01 – Life is like a book. Pages turn and occasionally, new chapters are staring at you, ready to be explored. I love it!

Gary France said...

Dom – Yes, you can tell people now! Thanks for your wishes and I wouldn’t mind if there was a Ural trailing along behind us…..

oldchigger – Thanks for the USA suggestion and I have thought about that, but for now, I want to start in Europe.

Rex – Thanks!

Sash Johnson said...


Woo Hoo!! Best of luck on this fantastic venture! What a way to earn a few bucks, huh?

:) Can't wait to read about the adventures as they arise. Working with people is always "fun"! Tee hee!