Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sorry Folks

I wrote my blog words this evening. I sorted the photos and made them smaller ready to upload.

I see Blogger has changed its posting software – what a disaster, as it is so slow, it is impossible to use. After 2 hours of trying to upload my photos I am giving up and going to bed!

I will try again tomorrow.


FLHX_Dave said...

If this is the worst that happens then...Hell! You've got it made!

Donna McNicol said...

Gary, you can set up an email address in Blogger that allows you to post your blog via email. Your photos might not be in the order you want but that might be a resolution when your uploads go slowly.

Unknown said...


I use Webshots and Photobucket to host my photos, this way if for some reason you decided not to continue with blogger and use wordpress or something else, then your photos won't be lost. I would rather have them under my own control.

I'm getting some words ready as you are resting, just waiting for the photos to be inserted. You can thank me later

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Anonymous said...

Gary, sorry to hear about the internet problems. I hope the s/w isn't so screwed up I can't get comments to you.
I know you said don't send any more complaint letters to Marblehead, but I couldn't resist sending something, so I sent this "commendation" instead.
Subject: keeping the rules - good job

Dear Marblehead Lighthouse Crew,

Today I read a complaint by a guy from Europe riding a motorcycle across the US. His big gripe seemed to be that he couldn't get in to see your exhibits after you closed for the day, even though he claims he was within a minute of the posted closing time. Well, if your rules say close the doors at closing time why should he have any claim to enjoy the view?
It sure seems unreasonable that someone from Europe should come tromping into your facility and demand that you spend and extra minute of your personal time. After all, if he had already spent 3000 miles on a plane and 4500 miles on a motorcycle over a month as he claims, another 18 hour wait to get in to your shop shouldn't be that much of a burden for him.
So see to it that your gatekeepers get letters of commendation for delaying his visit until he can get his act together to fit your schedule. If he can't make it later it is OK. We really don't need too many people traipsing around in our tourist attract!ons.

R!chland, WI

See you later,

[Well Enuff on MC-USA]

Gary France said...

Dave – You are absolutely right!

Donna – I will look into that, but I suspect the lack of putting the photos in the right order would be a problem for me.

Bob – I had already written the words for my current post, so I have published those, but this evening I will send today’s photos to you and you can use those. I will write my words as well, and post both, so then people can compare on-line. This will be a hoot!

R!ch – Very tongue-in-cheek. I like it a lot, so thanks. I hope they enjoy reading it. See you soon.

Eve said...

Loved Rich's letter to the Park! Much better than mine! Hope it all gets worked out Gary...actually I see it must have as I can see another post here...OK I'm a little behind!!! Hope they don't close shop before I get there!! hahahaha!