Sunday 5 September 2010

It Must Be A Female Thing....

As I sat on the front porch of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park this morning, I cannot help but overhear a telephone conversation that a woman is having about 20 feet from me. Like me, she is a guest at the hotel and it is 7.15 in the morning.

“Are you awake?” is her opening line to the person who answers the phone. Silly question really. However, I thought it was nice that she was probably calling her husband this early. I was wrong as it became clear she was talking to another guest in the hotel.

“What is your room like?” was the next question. “Mine overlooks the pool...”

“Were you cold in your room last night? I was and I had to close the window.....”

“Oh really, I woke up at 2am and I had a cramp in my foot. I thought about going and getting my medicine from my car but I didn’t want to wake anybody up and the walls in the hotel are so thin....”

“Oh, yes, I am sitting on the porch, but don’t come down here on my account....”

“Are there shops in the park, or is it just a park?.....”

The conversation carried on like this for about 20 minutes as I drank my coffee and ate my breakfast. It must be a female thing, talking on the phone with nothing more than chit-chat when the person you are talking to is in the same building as you.

Two guys would have just said “I’m downstairs. See you later”.

I am glad I am a man. Life is so much simpler.


Jerry said...

I'm sure you're right on the money about being "A Female Thing". They do and say the funniest things sometimes.
So how was the rest of the day for ya. Sure enjoyed your trip so far. Thanks for sharing.
Jerry B.
Fate, TX
(Stratoliner Rider)

Oz said...

AMEN to that! Estes Park is a great town. If you have time enjoy breakfast at the Big Horn Restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

Geoff James said...

I hope that your wife doesn't see this post Gary. They also know how to shop to get back at you :-)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! This made me laugh out loud.

Lee - Reigate

Canajun said...

LOL. How true it is!

biker baby said...

In my relationship it's the opposite; Rich has the gift of gab. I get on here because he can't interrupt me here. We were out last night and he was going on. Then he looked at me and said, hey, say something, your too quiet. His friend told him if he would stop talking for a second she might be able to get a word in. He laughed and kept talking. Rich uses most of the minutes on our cell.

mq01 said...

:) lol... i agree.

SonjaM said...

Think of all the words that would get stuck in our brains, we would have to deal with a constant overload.

Eve said...

hahahahahahaha!! Yes you guys are really a lucky bunch...however it's beyond me how you guys are able to work on cars and motorcycles in the freezing cold with bare's a fair trade off me thinks!

Bluekat said...

I think you're right, it's a girl thing. For myself, I don't care to chit-chat on the phone. In fact any phone call that's not an emergency generally annoys me. :)

Gary France said...

Jerry – I am glad that you are enjoying sharing the trip. Good to hear from you.

Oz – I was having breakfast when I overheard this conversation, so I didn’t get to the Big Horn Restaurant

Geoff - I hope so too. LOL

Lee – I am glad you liked it....

Canajun – Yep!

Biker Baby – I guess some relationships are that way around, but not usually. I smiled when I read that he just carried on after he laughed!

mq01- It made me smile too.

Sonja – I guess you need to get those words out somehow!

Eve – Okay, a fair trade.

bluekat – You must have some dna missing!