Friday, 25 March 2011

Can you be unfaithful to a Pair of Boots?

Some of my readers will remember I wrote on my blog about the boots I wore every day on my four-and-a-half month ride across the USA. They were so comfortable for the dual purpose of both riding and walking. Sadly however, after 21,000 miles, they were beginning to fall apart and had to be gracefully retired when I reached home.

Feeling somewhat unfaithful to those old boots, I went a bought a new pair. Knowing the old ones were so good, I of course had to buy exactly the same – Alpinestars Shibuya WP shoes. Same colour as before.

Here are the old boots compared to the new. Like cousins standing next to each other. I think the old boots look remarkably good considering they have been around the block so much!

As we went through so much together, I can’t bring myself to throw the old ones away though.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Believe me, I understand about throwing old boots away. I have several "old" pairs that I just can't part with. I wonder, how many old pairs you need for yard work, garage work, etc.? I know my wife is certain that I have exceeded my limit. My only saving grace is that she has a plethora of shoes, and she really can't say anything because of that.

Canajun said...

Gary - Like Mr. M., I can relate. I used to hang onto old sneakers, old work boots, old riding boots until I came home one day to find my wife had converted an old pair of work boots into flower pots. That's when I knew I had a problem and now I just keep my last pair (just in case).

Perhaps you could get yours bronzed as a trip memento? :)

Eve said...

Ha Ha!! I don't blame you either! Here's a couple suggestions...
1) bronze them??? hahaha maybe it would be more appropriate to Chrome them!!!!
2) put them out on the front stoop with flowers in them! There is nothing more whimsical than a planted boot. It's very "American" and what a way to show them homage!

redlegsrides said...

Gary, think of them as "reliable hot spares" just in case...


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Gary France said...

Mr Motorcycle - That must make your wife the ‘Imelda Marcos’ of Minnesota! Trouble is with keeping so many boots, where do we find enough space to store them?

Canajun – I hope she planted something nice in them!

Eve- Chrome them, I think. LOL. Judging from Canajun’s comment, the practice of planting old boots with flowers also applies in Canada.

Charlie6 / Dom – That’s the right plan, methinks.

Eve said...

hahaha! That's funny we had the same ideas! I didn't see Canajun's post! WEll how about this...Chrome them, then plant them!!! That'll make for a fun post! (however just planting them would be a lot cheaper!!) Get Jackie involved!!! :-)

Unknown said...


I'm frugal, are you sure you can't get more mileage out of them ? They don't look that bad from my angle . With all the free advertising you gave them, Alpinestar should have given you free replacements.

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Roger said...

Gary , I am a gear junkie.......except for boots just one pair, I feel your pain! Yu will of course never be able to through them out!

Oz said...

That is funny. I have a difficult time throwing way my boots/shoes also. I do like the idea of getting them chromed.

Gary France said...

Eve – If I did chrome them but one day found that I needed to wear them again, then at least they would match the bike!

Bob – They might look good from above, but the soles ‘flap’ when I walk in them, which takes frugality just a bit too far!

Raftnn – I don’t think I will ever be able to throw these away.

Oz – Normally I can throw away most things away, but these will be harder to part with than some of my ex-girlfriends!