Sunday, 20 March 2011

Petrol Prices - You Pay How Much ???

I read a posting on Bobskoot's Blog a few days ago about petrol prices. Bob said that fuel in Vancouver had risen to $1.311 /ltr = $4.96 /US gallon.

Bob would probably cry if he had to buy fuel in the UK. Are you sitting down Bob?

My local petrol station was selling regular fuel today at £1.337 per litre. That is £6.082 per UK gallon or £5.053 per US gallon. (UK gallons and US gallons are different).

In US dollars, that is $8.203 per US gallon!!!

With the various conflicts happening in north Africa and the Middle East, these prices are forecast by some to rise by 50% by the end of the year.

Anybody want to buy a Range Rover?


Trobairitz said...

Wow, and we've been complaining about $3.69 a US Gallon. Yikes. I think due to the rise in gas prices we'll see an increase in scooter and motorcycle sales.

Arkansas Patti said...

Holy crap, I will no longer complain about $3.48 per US Gal. Sure am sorry I got rid of my bike though.

Eve said...

We're getting nervous over here. When you drive over 30 miles one way to work it can get rough. Good thing we got our bikes. PS I'm still complaining.

Mike said...

Yeah, that kind of puts our gas prices in perspective. We in the US have been spoiled for a long time with our prices. We all might soon have the same numbers of two wheelers as they do in some Asian cities.

Unknown said...


Our petrol was $1.341/ltr on Saturday. today it is down to $1.321 /ltr and we have two vehicles which require higher octane and it is around $1.48.1 / ltr

At 1.481 / ltr this means $5.61 / US gallon, or $6.72 /Cdn gallon which is 4.54 ltrs

Actually, riders do not experience any fuel savings as they make up for more than the difference in more miles travelled.

Riding the Wet Coast

mq01 said...

:( $3.85 for 85 low grade (for the car, not bike) here today. and prices are climbing daily.

norcalbarney said...

In California we're seeing $4.19 for 87 octane.

GF said...

The problem is that most of the newer motorcycles "REQUIRE" premium :-(
I also drive almost 40 miles each way to work, it's becoming very expensive to put gas in the truck (17 miles/Gallon) or on my Cadillac CTS-V which requires premium, the Cadillac only does a little better at 19 M/G :-0
I'm going to use my bike to work most of the days this summer.

Bluekat said...

$3.60 U.S. Gallon today (and my baby got 52 mpg). She takes regular. Sorry it's late and I'm tired tonight...Someone else will have to convert the gallons/liters if curious. Can't really complain when I see what others have to pay.

I have no doubt that it will be much higher this summer. It's funny but I started riding in the last gas crunch, but gas prices had nothing to do with it. Ron has started riding again. I was curious to learn to ride, and discovered I rather enjoyed it.

Gary France said...

Trobairitz – I now drive my old Mini Cooper much more than my big car. Not only is it a lot cheaper to run, but it’s more fun too! Nowhere near as good as a motorbike though....

Patti – Holy crap indeed!

Eve – Lots of people here in the UK are now giving up their big cars in order to get to work at realistic costs. It will happen everywhere soon as people realise they are just too expensive to fill with fuel.

Mike – I love riding my bike in the USA because the fuel is so cheap! As the price goes up though, the size of cars goes down.

Bob – The prices here go up and down like a whore’s drawers. Mainly up though!

mq01 – I hear fuel speculators are driving the prices up all the time. This puts lots of extra money in their pockets. The practice should be banned everywhere and I understand some governments are looking at this.

norcalbarney – Ouch, that is pricey!

George – I agree, the only solution is to use smaller vehicles, be that a car or a bike. My Range Rover gets about 14mpg.

bluekat – 52 mpg is the way to go! Whatever the reason you start to ride motorbikes, the fun is still the same. I can’t see myself stopping riding even if fuel prices went up to $10 a gallon. They surely will in the next few years. Would you ride at $20 a gallon? That will be very painful when it happens, but a lot of people will still drive / ride even at those prices.