Sunday 20 March 2011

Dream Rangers

Some of my readers may have seen this video. It was sent to me by Greg who has followed my blog for a while and it is so good, I wanted to share it.

My hope is that everyone who rides feels like this one day....


iansolley said...

yes - that will be us in 20 years - `i will have to by an old Honda first!

have you seen the Indian Royal Enfield advert similar in some ways

Lady R (Di) said...

Yep... just a few more years! lol!

It's like watching a little mini-movie. I think they produced a winner with this one.

Learning to Golf said...

That is a WOW video. Maybe, training wheels will be in order by then, but how great to ride to the beach for a sunset filled with memories at 81.

Just added to the bucket list.

Canajun said...

This is a great video, makes me smile whenever I see it. Here's hoping we all see 81 with as much life as they still have in them.

Eve said...

Love it Gary!

Sid said...

deeply impressed by this video. I think that everyone should to take a page out of their's book. They are completely devoted to motorcycling. Respect!

Gary France said...

Ian – I can just picture us two old farts trying to remember where we put the keys to our old customs bikes before trying to go out for a ride! The Royal Enfield video is a little similar.

Lady R – I agree, just like a mini movie – fantastic!

AHD – If I am still on this planet at 81, I’d love to try ride a bike to the beach then.

Canajun – If I have half the spirit they have at that age, I will have a smile on my face!

Eve – Me too.

Sid – That is so right about taking a leaf. Everyone should still have a dream, at whatever age.