Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Protest Ride in Brussels

Many of my biker buddies will have heard of the crazy European Union draft proposals that could mean home maintenance and the fitting of non-standard parts on motorbikes would not be allowed.  If passed, this anti-biking legislation could severely restrict what for some is a common practice.  Imagine not being able to modify, say, a Harley-Davidson with different exhaust pipes, or not being able to change the shocks on your sports bike, not being able to maintain the chain, brakes or doing the tuning on your own bike yourself.  One interpretation of the draft could mean you might not even be allowed to change a tyre!  This proposed legislation is clearly a nonsense, and we need to do something about this.

On Tuesday 22nd November, there is a protest ride and demonstration against these proposals right at the heart of the EU beurocrats, in Brussels.  This is being organised by Motorcycle News.  I will be going on my bike via the channel tunnel, making the two hour ride to Brussels from Calais and taking part.  Then getting the Channel Tunnel train back later that day.  Anyone from the UK want to join me? It will mean a very early start!

If not, then please sign the electronic petition to stop this bullshit.  This can be found at ..... epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/16322


Oz said...

Godspeed with your protest ride. The governments are all trying to get way too big. I hope you guys defeat this move.

FLHX_Dave said...

F'ck that. Sorry, that is just too much. Part of the joy of owning a motorbike is dinking with stuff and getting to know your machine.

Don't think I'll be making this one,(actually I'm certain...heh) and I'm not sure if my contribution to the petition will be valid, but here is an opportunity to be the rebel...get to it because this is a cause.

Geoff James said...


That's bloody unbelievable!!!! What's the justification for the proposed legislation and are cars next? I can only shake my head...

Perhaps you'd better lok at emigrating to the US, Australia or NZ where common-sense still exists (at least for the meantime)

Unknown said...


What? That is absurd. Go out and kick some... keister. I can't believe they would pass this kind of legislation. There are people taking the the streets all over the world, and this comes up. What a waste. What a shame.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Gary:

Please raise bloody hell with this proposed legislation. There was something similar here in the US, but it died on the floor of Congress.

You have to wonder, "With all the trouble in the world, why would politicians bother themselves with nonsense like this?"

Fondest regards,
Twqisted Roads

Gary France said...

Oz – It can be challenging enough to swallow what the UK government does sometimes, but when the Eurocrats hand down Europe-wide laws that really piss people off, then it is no wonder people get angry. I am afraid this is only a small example of the European Parliament’s nonsense.

Dave – It really is too much. Many bikers I know like to tinker with their own bikes and enjoy that a great deal. Trying to take that away is just plain dumb and they need to be told, or even better, thrown out of their positions. I know you would join the demonstration if you were over here.

Geoff – I cannot think of a real justification. I am pretty sure it will get rejected, but why do these idiots ever get elected and think they can lord it over everyone? A few years ago, the Eurocrats tried to make rules that meant only nearly straight bananas would be allowed. For F’cks sake, what next????

Brady – I totally agree. Europe is in dire financial and political trouble and you can begin to see why.....!

Jack – In these days of political turmoil in Europe, it is obviously critical that this motorcycle legislation is passed, for that will undoubtedly resolve all of the current global issues. These elected representatives are friggin unbelievable!