Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Survey about the future of motorcycles

I was contacted recently to complete a survey about the future of motorcycles, especially in respect of drive trains. Part of some research by Triumph Motorcyles, the survey is about people’s expectations of new motorbikes, so that it can help Triumph to specify the next generation of bikes.

Tim, the guy doing the survey said “This is an opportunity to let your opinions reach the people who actually make the big decision on future motorcycle models so please make the most of it! We would appreciate it if you could forward this on to as many other fellow riders as possible.”

If you want to take part in this anonymous survey, here is the link.

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Geoff James said...

Thanks for that Gary - I have just completed it out of curiosity. I'm sure that Triumph undertake other avenues of market research but that one left me wondering how much they'd get out of it. For me, the answers to the questions didn't quite seem to convey the passion, freedom and other non-politically correct aspects of motorcycling that we bloggers spend our time talking about!

Anonymous said...

1) integrated water bottle holder, so you don't have to buy some after-market piece of junk

2) it would be nice if the hard bags opened at the front and were hinged at the back

3) a two-up seat that was in 2 sections, so you could pop off the passenger seat for solo rides

4) more paint colors

RichardM said...

Kind of an odd survey. I think the authors were out looking for a specific response as there were plenty of questions trying to determine if you were even part of their target audience.

SonjaM said...

Gary, thanks for this. I had the same feeling as RichardM about it with regards to getting a specific response. Did it anyway. Thanks for the link.

Gary France said...

Thanks to all that took part. I am sure that Triumph use a lot of different types of market research as well and that this survey was maybe targeting one particular aspect of what do people think about potential new types of drivetrain. I guess whatever we can do to help point motorcycling in the way we want it, must be good - what ever the topic.