Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Video Competition - Win A GoPro Camera!

Some of you will remember the ABCD photograph competition I ran some time ago. It is time to have another competition, but this time even bigger and better!

The new competition is for motorcycle videos. They can be filmed from on-board a motorcycle, they can be about anything to do with motorcycles, they can be old or they can be new.

The last competition had a short time-frame, but this one doesn’t. You have until 31st October 2013 to enter your video, so there is plenty of time. There are three categories...

1. On-board motorcycle videos. Amateur videos that include a considerable amount of material shot from on-board cameras mounted on your bike, helmet etc.
2. General motorcycle videos. Amateur videos about any aspect of motorcycles or motorcycling.
3. Professional motorcycle videos. These are made by professional film makers or videographers.

For the full rules and details on how to enter, see this page on my website

Wooley has already pointed out that entering this competition means that you have to already have a video camera, in order to win a video camera. He of course is quite right, but look at it this way – it is a chance to win ANOTHER video camera.

So, if you have a video you are already proud of, you can submit it now. If you haven’t, then start planning now to film something brilliant!

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Rex J. Covington said...

Looks like a fun Competition.

WooleyBugger said...

Well you know I'm in. Besides, a friend and I have been planning on making a motorcycle video for some time anyway so this gives us a push.

Gary France said...

Rex - It is great that you have already submitted a few videos.

Wooley - I am glad it has given you a little push. I am looking forward to seeing what you make.