Thursday 3 June 2010

Can my readers help me?

Can I ask my readers for some advice?

What is the best web based weather forecast I should use for my USA tour?


Unknown said...


your wish is my command

Wet Coast Scootin

ps: you're making us all more jealous as your time gets nearer. When your Pink crocs hit the solid soil of North America, we will feel the vibrations

Farmer Jim said... is what I typically use. Think they even have app's available if you have one of those fancy cell phones to.

David in Tennessee said...

For Freebies you can use the old standby of

If you're into real time radar stuff then you could use but you'll have to pay for its use. Not too expensive though.

mq01 said...

well, in the norcal area its best to rely on radar gary. i use on the blackberry with no prob. the general news/weather reports are typically wrong here, mostly because of the coastal microclimates. as the inland and valley warms the winds shift with fog trying to cool temps down. we call it the natural a/c.

btw, ive used while riding and hitting cloudbursts in IA, NE, WY, UT, NV as well. hope this helps. you must be getting excited... ROADTRIP!!! :)

RichardM said...

I've always used or

Ben's Wisdom and Health Emporium said...

mq01 said...

oooh, cool list, thats a great amount of cities listed for your trip!! maybe we'll cross paths at sturgis and calif :)

Learning to Golf said...

Once I leave I never check the weather. If it rains I put on the Froggs Toggs. Cold, the leather jacket. Hot, well I can't take anything off because of the laws and common sense. The weather guessers on this side aren't very good, but if I motel I do listen to the lies.

Farmer Jim said...

Just noticed you're going to be coming through Ohio the last week of July. If you make it to western Ohio (Napoleon, Antwerp) by the weekend of the 23rd - 25th there's a big rally just south of your route near Van Wert. Here's the link:

Mike said...

I like but I mostly use NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) which is

The Weather Channel has a nice app you can download to a smart phone if you have one. And on accuweather's Website you can sign up for weather alerts that are delivered to your smart phone. These would come in handy for thunderstorms.

Nice to see your list of cities!

FLHX_Dave said...

Uhhhh...dude! I'm a better weather man than those guys on the tele. I just go outside and look around. I have to word for word agree with AZHD

I don't care what time of year it are gonna get soaked somewhere. The cool thing is that it's gonna be so damned hot that you will dry out as fast as you got wet. I'll place odds that you get pelted by hail a few times while you are out there.

Honestly...I don't check the weather because it takes all the adventure out of the ride. Just be ready for anything and take it as it comes.

Three rules: 1) Under no circumstances should you ever get sunburned. Do everything to keep that from happening. 2) Garbage bags are your best friend. 3) Drink a shit load of water...dehydration is like a ninja. It will sneak up on you and by the time you realize it's there, well, it's way too late. I drink at least a pint, or more, every 80 miles. Get a water bag of some sort.

Oh yeah, rule 4) Don't worry about a damned thing and role with the flow. It's why you want to do this anyway isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got some good advice. One site I like is This gives you a map and you can choose to view the doppler radar. You can also get a forecast.

I have found the following site useful. It will give you average temperatures and average precip.

Willy D said...

I look at the weather-woman in the sky and travel prepared. Mother Nature at her finest.

We should do a meet-up in Monterey.

biker baby said...

Look to the sky! If that fails...listen to your body. I have a bone tumor in my upper arm...benign...and it warns me when ever the barometric pressure is up, when it's going to be a cold rain, and when it is going to snow. It works better than the weather people.

Axel said...

I learn every time I open this blog... this time: some interesting websites and the insights by AZHD and FLHX Dave. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hello Gary,
I like (it's free)
You can post it on your website for any country or any town for that matter. Current and future weather, Dopplar radar, etc. See the one on our blog?
- Mary Ann

Motorcycle Philosophy said...

Go where all the other weather forecasters get their data from:

Canajun said...

Weather? Like others have said the weather's gonna be what the weather's gonna be. And our forecasters over here are notoriously bad at their jobs. So just be prepared and enjoy it, whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I just got an iPhone, and love the Weather Channel app. It's free, and it will give you the latest weather info (forecasts, radar, etc.) wherever you are, without you having to do anything... the app is aware of the phone's location. So is the version of Google Maps that comes with it...

Scootin' Old Skool

IHG said...

Hello Gary...I see you are going to stop in Cassville,WI. Just a suggestion...take the ferry to Guttenburg. It's a cool little trip across the river. Cost about 8 bucks. Also, stop in Potosi, WI at the Potosi Brewery. Very good food and lots of bikers.

As for the's best to just look at the sky, especially in the Midwest. I use if I really want to look at the radar.

Have a great trip! If you are going to ride through Des Moines, IA let me know. Would love to meet you. You are doing an amazing thing and I'd love to talk to you about your journey!

Gary France said...

Greetings from Thailand!

Wow. Thanks everybody! There are lots of good ideas and tips here.

I can see there are essentially 2 camps on this subject - those who look at weather forecasts and those that fly by the seat of their pants by looking at the sky. I think I have a foot in both camps as I don't want to rely on the weather forecasts day to day and I will ride in all weathers, but I also have very limited experience of riding in the US, so I want to at least get an idea of what might lie ahead.

Bob - thanks for the tip. I hope I have room for those crocs!

Jimmy - No fancy cell phone for me. I use a phone as a phone!

David - Thanks. I have looked at your blog and that is quite a trip you are about to start. I wish you good luck with it.

mq01 - Thanks for the tips. I have experienced the coastal fog in California before. The change in temperature with and without the fog is surprising. It is good to know that is more reliable than the tv forecasts. Yes - getting very excited now!!!

Richard - I will give both a try. Thanks.

Ben - I will try accuweather .com as well.

mq01 - That is the shortened list, as I found it impossible to include everywhere I will / might be going. I am looking forward to Sturgis - I have wanted to go for a long time, so that was onme of my "Must Do's" on the tour.

AHD - That sounds like the perfect philosophy about riding!

Jimmy - That Wetzelland Rally looks good aand the timing is just about right. I am going to try to be there. Thanks for the suggestion.

Mike - Thanks for the suggestions. Sadly I only have a dumb phone, but I will try accuweather and the NOAA websites.

Dave - I like what you have said and I am tempted to do what you suggest about not checking the weather. I don't want to take away the adventure, but all of my life has been spent planning how to do things well (that was my job), so I always struggle if I don't look ahead. This might just be my chance to break that mold though.... I am tempted....
As for your 4 rules, I totally agree with 1. Number 2 made me laugh. I am in Thailand at the moment and it is steaming hot. Would you believe it, the Nija got me - I suffered from dehydration yesterday / last night / this morning. I don't want to be doing that again! I am liking number 4.... I am liking it a lot!

Thomas - I will look at both. Thanks for suggesting them.

Willy D - I think I am going to try that and see how I get on. I hope she will be nice to me. Yes to Monterey. I will contact you as I get nearer.

Biker Baby - I am coming round to that way of thinking. Look at the sky and just go with the flow is appealing. Sorry to hear about your arm, but I am glad to hear it is benign. Having your own in-built weather forecast system must have its benefits!

Axel - I agree. I am learning much from my readers!

Mary Ann - I see what you mean about the one on your blog. I like the radar part. Very clever!

MP / Steve. Thanks. That looks like the Daddy!
Canajun - I think that is the way forward. Just enjoy it, whatever it is!

Orin - That sounds very helpful. I have however been trying not to buy an iPhone. I have too many gadgets already, or that is what Mrs F tells me. Hang on, can a guy have too many gadgets?

Stefanie - Thanks for the suggestion. I have just added the ferry to my list of things to do. Des Moines isn't on my route at present, but if I do head that way, I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of gadgets, be careful with the radar detector...they are against the law in some states.
I see you will be in Utah the first week of Oct. We will be visiting Arch's Nat'l Park in Utah the first week of Oct on our way to CA. Probably the 3rd or 4th. We will be coming home via old Rt 66.

mq01 said...

gary, i just hit road constr and loose gravel @ chinese camp and theres not a ton to see or do, although it is full of gold rush history. you may want to hit mono lake or columbia/sonora/jamestown while on that stretch of CA roadway.

Gary France said...

mq01 – Thanks for your tips, I really appreciate them. I will give Chinese Camp a miss. I was going to see Mono Lake just before going into Yosemite and I will make sure I go via Sonora and Jamestown now.

Gary France said...

BB - I dont have a radar detector ande I think the one being referred to was a weather radar. My wife and I might be there at around that time as well, but my dates are very approximate.

Eve said...

Hi Gary, I use and
You can view exactly where the rain is using the Doppler on accuweather (weatherstreet has it too.) Also they are very good for going hour by hour on where the rain is going to hit. Up north I found that when it rains it's usually an all day event...hope you get there right during a good dry spell!!

Chris said...

Gary, I use and

Gary France said...

Eve - Thanks for your suggestions. I have taken a look at both. I don't like the idea of all day rain - it sounds too much like the UK!

Chris - Thanks. I took a look at wunderfround and I like thier Road Trip Planner where you can see the likely weather along the route you will be taking. Thats very clever.

Gary France said...

Chris - or even wunderground!

Chris said...

Gary, you're welcome. I like wunderground because it shows aggregate private weather station data. You could get a $100 kit and contribute weather data to their site. Works well to track storms, etc.