Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Pre-Tour Bike Service

With just 20 days to go until I board a plane to the USA for my tour, there are a few last things I need to sort out. Being someone who plans in advance, makes lists and generally gets things dealt with earlier than necessary there are not too many things left to do before I leave.

One that did need doing was sorted yesterday – getting the bike serviced. In 2006 I bought the bike from Warrs in Chelsea on the west side of London and since then I have built a relationship with them that means I have used them ever since for all work on my Road King. I like the personal touch I get there – when I walk in they greet me with a “Hi Gary”.

They are polite, friendly and knowledgable. Just what a customer wants and needs.

While they were still booking the bike in, the technician was collecting the keys and getting the bike up on the ramp. 5 minutes after I rode the bike into the dealership, the service had already started! I asked permission, then popped into the workshop and snapped a couple of pictures of my bike being worked on....

I spent the day in London and returned to Warrs at 3pm to find my bike not only fnished, but cleaned as well. Great job guys! Here is a link to the Warrs website


Axel said...

Really looking forward to your tour, enabling us to participate virtually. We know the bike (Road King), we know the photographic equipment (GoPro Hero), I would be interested about your communication gear, PC/phone/ISP etc. Maybe a post for a rainy day, of which I hope you have very very few.

Rob said...

Better service then I received today. I scheduled my appointment more then 38 days ago. I was the first cycle in the shop to sign in my bike. After seven hours of waiting I called the shop to ask if I could pick the bike up and they told me that it did not even get on the lift as of yet. This is the same Harley Davidson Dealership that I purchased the bike from as well. Heck, I will be lucky to get my ride back tomorrow. It's very aggravating. Currently I am looking for a new place to service my Harley.

Gary France said...

Axel – I will write such a post soon. I enjoyed your posting about the ride out to Bosham.

Rob – Sorry to hear that. Was that at a dealership in New York or somewhere on the road? I guess I am lucky with Warrs in London, as they have always been terrific for me.