Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ireland Bike Festival

Last week, the Ireland Bike Festival took place in Killarney, in Ireland.

As I was in Thailand for my brother’s wedding, sadly I couldn’t attend the festival, but my red custom bike did!

The bike happened to be in Ireland back with Waterford Harley-Davidson where it was built to have some minor work carried out on it. Lenny, the Dealer Principal telephoned me and asked if I would like my bike entered into the custom show at the festival and I agreed.

I am very glad I did agree because it won 3 awards - Best in Show, the People’s Choice award and Best Radical Custom!

How cool is that!

Thanks Lenny, for firstly building such a great bike and also for entering it in the festival.

I found this video on YouTube from the festival - it is pretty good.... thanks to Altezzaeve for making and posting the video....

Read about the festival here on the HOG Europe website

Check out more pictures here


Canajun said...

Congratulations Gary!

Eve said...

Congrats Frank! I enjoyed the video, bet you wish it was at a different time so you could be there!

Geoff James said...

Well done Gary - that's one heck of a beautiful bike you have.

Axel said...

Congratulation, this bike alone should be reason enough to come back home after some month in the US :)

mq01 said...

Excellent!! Congrats!!

Gary France said...

Canajun, Eve, Geoff, Axel and mq01 - Thanks for all of your kind words. I love my red bike, but I love showing it off even more!

Oz said...

Congrats. That is great that the folks at the shop entered it for you. That is a great looking bike.

Unknown said...


congrats on a stunning bike. You must be getting excited, only a week before your big adventure

Wet Coast Scootin

Gary France said...

Oz - Thanks. We took a lot of time over the design and building of the bike, to get it just right. I think it was worth it and the shop are still very proud of what they achieved.

Bob - yep, looking forward to the tour a great deal now. Delivering the bike today sort of sealed the trip in my mind, so it is getting real now.